About Us


Our Mission

 Our mission is to help bridge the digital divide with seniors and to help all people learn programming and technology skills.


Our Objective

 Our main objective at Teach-Technology Organization, Inc. is to help seniors with their technology devices and help them incorporate technology into their life to the fullest potential; and to teach children and adults various technology and programming concepts.

Our Story at Teach-Technology Organization.

Our Story

Teach-Technology Organization, Inc., co-founded by Ameya Jadhav and Daksha Jadhav, is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the state of Georgia since 2019. Teach-Technology Organization, Inc. was founded with the purpose of providing free, easily-accessible technology and programming education to all people.  

We started in 2016 teaching seniors the basics of daily-use technology through our interactive, in-person sessions at several senior living facilities. We strongly believe that having students from the community teach seniors about technology will raise awareness for the cause and help them understand how much of an impact technology has on their daily lives. 

Since 2016, we have grown so much. We now offer several different programming classes at several different local libraries. We have been conducting our interactive sessions and programming classes at multiple locations in the Forsyth, Northern Fulton and Gwinnett counties of Georgia, since December of 2016.